Reports 18 Oct 2013

The future of rail distribution

Rail ticketing has come a long way in the last decade, from paper tickets typically sold at station counters, to more and more virtual tickets available on smart cards and mobile phones. These changes are the outcome of substantial investment in innovative products by railway undertakings, as a result of changing consumer trends and technological developments. Customers are increasingly technology-savvy, and expect to get all relevant information at their fingertips in a few clicks, through a wide variety of data channels providing real time and personalised information. The emergence of smartphones and new IT technologies is driving this technological and behavioural revolution in the transport world. The rail sector is keen to embrace technological and societal changes in order to meet the needs and expectations of modern customers. This brochure gives a snapshot of the breadth of innovation in the field of rail ticket distribution. It showcases the collaborative spirit of railway undertakings, who are regularly working together, as well as with other transport modes and third party providers. Above all, this brochure outlines the trends and developments defining the future of rail distribution. We hope it will provide some useful insights and perspectives into the changes underway in this rapidly evolving field.