Reports 16 Jun 2008

Rail Transport and Environment. Facts & Figures

Transport presents real challenges as society tries to ensure a more environmentally sustainable future. It is the only sector in the EU in which greenhouse gas emissions have consistently risen since 1990, and current transport patterns are clearly unsustainable. As well as contributing to climate change, the growth in congestion on our roads, accidents, air pollution, and noise pollution of transport all lead to substantial costs that are borne by people, business, and society. 

In order to make long term decisions on the future of transport, it is important that there is accurate data to consult. Using a variety of sources, this booklet has been compiled jointly by the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and the International Union of Railways (UIC) to present the statistical and factual evidence on the impact of the different transport modes. We believe it shows that the environmental case for rail is compelling. We hope it will be of use to policy makers, researchers, and anyone else with an interest in the environmental impact of transport.