Reports 28 Jul 2017

JNS urgent procedure “Broken wheels” – JNS recommendation

Due to an increasing number of reports on incidents (broken rims/webs of some wheel types) concerning freight wagons, a JNS urgent procedure “Broken wheels” was kicked off. Within a short period of time, a task force drafted a proposal for short-term measures for operating and maintaining these types of wheel sets. The agreed target is to reduce the risk of incidents and accidents. 

The task force undertook a detailed technical examination of the past incidents. A further and deeper analysis will be done in a dedicated working group in the framework of JNS normal procedure.

It is believed that the suggested short-term measures by the task force should be made mandatory and all concerned actors shall implement these as soon as possible. The detailed requirements of the short term measures are defined in the attached document adopted by the JNS Panel.

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