Reports 08 Feb 2023

CER Ticketing Roadmap - 1st progress report

The CER Ticketing Roadmap was published in autumn 2021 and embodies the members’ vision of railway ticketing and distribution by 2025 and 2030. The Roadmap establishes concrete actions to further improve the experience of rail passengers in the Single European Railway Area and is a key indication of the sector’s commitment to the European Union’s climate and growth goals.

This first progress report is based largely on an online survey carried out amongst CER passenger railways at the end of 2022 and provides valuable insights on the implementation of the Roadmap. With a high participation rate of CER member railways, representing over 87% of CER members' passenger traffic, the report shows that overall progress amongst respondents is good, with most actions on track and several railway companies already compliant with specific areas of the Roadmap. To ensure full transparency and complete implementation, a follow-up survey will be conducted in the coming months to reach non-respondents. Progress will be reported every 6 months.

Download the report below to read more.