News 27 Mar 2017

Rail sector supports EC Move2Learn, Learn2Move initiative

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) welcomes today’s launch of the Move2Learn, Learn2Move initiative by the European Commission. CER reiterates its support for this project aiming to promote a sustainable way to travel across the continent.

Following the invitation of the European Commission Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, numerous European train operating companies are prepared to second this initiative. Comboios de Portugal, Deutsche Bahn, Slovenian Railways Passenger Transport, SNCF, Transferoviar Calatori, Trenitalia, ZSSK Passenger and Eurail (the consortium that manages Interrail passes bringing together more than forty European rail passenger operators) have all declared their support for Move2Learn, Learn2Move.

CER Executive Director Libor Lochman said: “Railways have been connecting Europe for almost two centuries. Move2Learn is telling a positive story about transport, and in particular about the sustainable modes. The railways not only connect cities, they also connect people. Although the young generation lives in a world of ever more virtual relationships, they still want to meet, shake hands, get to know each other in reality. I wish this initiative a long life, and I hope that in the future the Commission will dedicate ever more resources to these kinds of proposals.

Background information:  Move2Learn, Learn2Move will enable at least 5,000 young citizens to travel to another EU country in a sustainable manner – individually or together with their school class. The initiative, which is linked to the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme, is consistent with two central priorities of the Commission: to put a renewed focus on Europe's youth, and to facilitate EU citizens' mobility, particularly low-emission mobility. Move2Learn will be implemented through eTwinning, the world's biggest teachers' network. Part of Erasmus+, it enables teachers and pupils across Europe to develop projects together through an online platform. See also the dedicated webpage