News 13 Apr 2021

Open letter to EU Presidents on the extension of the European Year of Rail

As enthusiastic promoters of the European Year of Rail, the rail sector associations CER, EIM and UNIFE addressed a joint open letter to the Presidents of the European Parliament, Council of the EU and European Commission among other key decision makers.  

With this letter, we re-affirm the rail sector’s strong support for the adoption of 2021 as the European Year of Rail. We note however that it is extremely challenging in the ongoing context of necessary COVID restrictions to make the most of this valuable initiative, given the difficulties to plan and carry out the full range of activities on the ground.

This is why we request the extension of the Year of Rail to the end of 2022. It is our hope that this will open up a much wider field of opportunity for all actors concerned to help achieve the initiative’s goals of raising awareness of rail’s benefits, underlining rail’s vital role in the sustainable transportation of people and goods, and ultimately helping deliver on Europe’s Green Deal objectives. 

Read the full letter below.