News 21 Sep 2017

More EU budget for transport

At today’s Conference on Connecting Europe in Tallinn, 30 transport associations have joined forces to pass on one key message to policy makers: to allocate sufficient funding of the next EU budget to the transport sector.

CER joins forces with 29 other transport associations to raise awareness of the need to allocate sufficient funding of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2020-2027 for the implementation of the Trans-European Transport network. In order to meet Europe’s decarbonisation targets and to modernise and digitalise transport for the benefit of Europe’s citizens, significant financial resources are needed which cannot be provided by the private sector alone. 

In a separate campaign of only rail associations, CER together with EIM, ERFA, UIP, UITP and UNIFE underlines that rail, as the greenest and safest mode of transport, provides a significant contribution to the European economy, to the environmental sustainability and to the completion of the Single European Market. It is estimated that EUR 430 billion is needed to invest in rail transport by 2030.

CER Executive Director Libor Lochman said: “The rail sector urgently needs to bridge missing links, remove bottlenecks, improve interoperability, electrify the network, and digitalise its services. Private investors will not be able to meet all these investment needs; in order to deliver rail’s high societal benefit in the future, EU grants are needed as a trigger for mobilising important national resources for rail projects with a European dimension, thereby generating EU added-value and making the best use of EU funds.

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