News 11 Mar 2024

Joint letter to MEPs in view of the Weights & Dimensions Directive vote

CER, ERFA, UIRR, UIP, UNIFE, Alpine Initiative, CIPRA International and the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) have co-signed a letter in order to express concerns about the outcomes of the the revision of the road vehicle Weights & Dimensions Directive in its current form.

The Weight Dimensions Directive seeks to increase freight weight loads for trucks across Europe. A recent study by the research institute D-fine, commissioned by CER, ERFA, UIRR, UIP, and UIC, has shown clearly that the road sector would increase efficiency and competitiveness by capturing market share from the much more efficient and less emitting mode of rail. The result will be an overall increase in emissions per tonne of transported goods, which is contrary to the very purpose of the Weight Dimensions Directive and goes against the EU’s objectives of decarbonising transport.

If the vote in Plenary is passed and left without amendment, it will mean more emissions, bigger trucks on European roads and a serious risk of creating a reverse modal shift from rail to road.

This letter has been sent to representatives and Members of the European Parliament ahead of tomorrow's vote, urging them to prioritise zero emissions vehicles, and keep the current restrictions on circulation of ‘gigaliners’.

Read below the letter.