News 14 Dec 2016

Fourth Railway Package Market Pillar finally on course for publication in EU Official Journal

Today the European Parliament approved the Market Pillar of the Fourth Railway Package. This green light comes after almost five years of intense negotiations between the Commission, the Parliament and the Council, also involving a vast number of stakeholders. 

The European Parliament’s support of the agreement reached during trialogues on the legislative texts revising Directive 2012/34 (aka the Governance Directive) and Regulation 1370/2007 (aka the PSO Regulation) will allow their publication in the EU Official Journal in the coming days.

CER Executive Director Libor Lochman said: "It is with great satisfaction that I see this process coming to an end today. These legislative texts consolidate a regulatory framework that should enhance opportunities for railway companies and enable them to perform at their best. The rail sector now looks forward to enjoying a very much needed stable regulatory environment. The Market Pillar, together with the Technical Pillar of the package, is expected to be the basis for an efficient Single European Rail Area.” He added: “I take this opportunity to thank all institutional stakeholders who have shown consideration for the rail business’s expectations and granted CER the possibility to make our views heard for the sake of improving the railway sector’s competitiveness.