News 24 Sep 2019

CER Management Committee elections

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) elected its new Management Committee at its General Assembly on 23 September in Gdańsk.

Crister Fritzson (Chairman of the Swedish Association of Train Operators (ASTOC) and CEO & President of SJ) has been reconfirmed as CER Chair.

Andreas Matthä (ÖBB CEO), Oliver Wolff (VDV General Managing Director), Marc Wengler (CFL Director General) and Erik Laidvee (EVR CEO) will act as Vice-Chairs.

Other members of the Management Committee will be Isaías Táboas Suárez (RENFE President), Sophie Dutordoir (SNCB CEO), Richard Lutz (DB CEO), Krzysztof Mamiński (PKP CEO), Gianfranco Battisti (FSI CEO), Andreas Meyer (SBB CEO), Geert Pauwels (Lineas CEO), Guillaume Pepy (SNCF President), Roger van Boxtel (NS CEO), and Robert Homolya (MÁV President and CEO).

CER Chairman Crister Fritzson said: “Rail is the solution for a more sustainable transport system and a key enabler of the EU ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions. As European policy makers are increasingly looking at us as reliable partners in the promotion of sustainable mobility policies, it is an honour for me to represent the association in this most relevant public debate”.

CER Executive Director Libor Lochman commented: “I am happy to see the commitment of our members to the associations’ goals. I would like to thank the CEOs who accepted to be part of the Management Committee for dedicating attention and time to CER. I look forward to working with each one of them in order to guarantee the best possible visibility to our vision for the new legislature.