Positions 29 Jun 2023

Striving for a virtual European Traffic Management - Update

The creation of a common virtual European Traffic Management Network (ETMN) will contribute to the improvement of rail’s performance attracting more passengers and freight operators to choose rail and thus contributing to the climate policy objectives of the EU. Infrastructure Managers (IMs) are developing a virtual network, i.e. a non-physical presence of European traffic management, supported by digital solutions, bringing the national Traffic Control Centers (NTCCs) closer together. 

Since the publication of the initial CER-EIM Position Paper in February 2022, marking infrastructure managers' commitment in delivering a stronger virtual European Traffic Management, IMs have been working on several approaches to establish the ETMN. As a first step towards implementation, IMs approved the Handbook for the European Traffic Management Network in the General Assembly of RNE on 6 December 2022. The entire rail sector works together on this goal in the framework of the Europe's Rail JU activities.

Download the updated Position Paper below to discover its Annex outlining the status and planning of projects of the ETMN.