Positions 09 Feb 2022

Striving for a virtual European Traffic Management

The EU’s Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy sets ambitious targets in rail transport, granting it a prominent role in the transition towards zero-emission mobility and the delivery of the EU Green Deal objectives. These ambitious targets apply to international rail, both passenger and freight, resulting in more demands in efficient traffic management on a European level.

Infrastructure Managers (IMs) are therefore in the process of developing a virtual European Traffic Management network (i.e. a non-physical presence of European traffic management, supported by digital solutions) that will bring the national Traffic Control Centers (NTCCs) closer together.

The following joint position paper by CER & EIM recognises that traffic management is an area which plays a key role in strengthening the competitiveness of international rail transport for both passenger and freight services and that the process can be improved with stronger cooperation and collaboration among all actors.

Download our paper below to find out more about Infrastructure Managers' specific commitments in delivering a stronger virtual European Traffic Management.

See here for our June 2023 update with a technical annex.