Positions 30 Jan 2024

Regulation on passenger rights in the context of multimodal journeys and Review of the passenger rights Regulations

On the occasion of the 73rd General Assembly of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER), a CER Position Paper on passenger rights in the context of multimodal journeys was approved.

CER considers the protection of customers first and foremost as the sector’s own long-standing commitment. CER members know that passenger experience is the decisive factor when customers pick their transport mode. The railway sector is committed to the adopted Regulation (EC) 2021/782 on rail passenger rights and obligations and appreciates the need for a passenger rights framework in a multimodal context, so every entity in the chain understands their rights and obligations to best serve the needs of their passengers. However, a clear delineation of obligations and responsibilities for all stakeholders is essential to establish a framework that facilitates and encourages multimodality while ensuring adequate protection for passengers. It is also important to consider that without proper infrastructure, functioning multimodality is not possible.

Read below our position paper.