Positions 02 Jun 2020

Rail’s contribution to the European Climate Pact

CER welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the development of the European Climate Pact, which is needed to fulfil the EU Green Deal’s climate neutrality objective by 2050. All actors of the economy and society must take part in the pact, which could be a real game changer if it is driven by concrete climate-friendly actions and provides a forum to raise awareness of climate change. 

By 2030 railways aim for a 30% reduction in their total CO2 emissions from railway operations compared to the 1990 baseline. This absolute CO2 reduction target takes into account the expected overall growth in transport. A shift to a low- and increasingly zero-carbon transport mode like rail is a cost-effective way to achieve transport decarbonisation. CER therefore expects the pact to support modal shift initiatives to rail by increasing awareness of standardised carbon footprint reporting and the development of an eco-label for transport services.

Find out more in this CER position paper which presents rail’s pledge and related actions to strengthen the European Climate Pact.