Positions 06 Apr 2023

Rail passenger rights – standard form for reimbursement and compensation requests

In response to the European Commission's call for feedback on an initiative for a standard form for reimbursement and compensation requests, CER and CIT (the International Rail Transport Committee) have provided their joint comments and recommendations on the proposed implementing regulation. 

The initiative aims to create a standard form to make it easier for rail passengers to request reimbursement or compensation from railway companies when rail services are cancelled or delayed. 

CER and CIT members consider the protection of their customers first and foremost as the sector’s own long-standing commitment and they are well aware that passenger experience is the decisive factor when customers pick their transport mode. Committed to the recently adopted Regulation (EC) 2021/782 on rail passengers' rights and obligations, the railway sector welcomes the proposed standard form for reimbursement and compensation requests. With this joint position paper, CER and CIT would nevertheless like to suggest a few modifications that we believe would be beneficial, both for passengers and railway undertakings.