Positions 02 Feb 2023

Rail infrastructure capacity and traffic management: implementation of TTR and DCM

In view of the forthcoming update of the EU legislation on timetabling and path allocation in rail, this position paper highlight the necessary factors to make Timetable Capacity Redesign for Smart Capacity Management (TTR) a success story. It is important to create legal certainty and a strong legal basis for TTR and to introduce it integrally in all countries. However, based on thorough legal analysis, the paper makes the case that the implementation of TTR requires only a very surgical change to the existing SERA Directive (2012/34/EU).

CER therefore calls for the Commission to limit their proposal to only the absolutely necessary legal amendments and not to reopen the Directive, as this would be both time consuming and completely unnecessary. Maximizing both freight and passenger transport should be the overarching goal of the new capacity and allocation process. The new capacity process must address the current lack of harmonisation, synchronisation and coordination but should neither lead to additional administrative burden, nor to institutional or operational fragmentation.

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