Positions 02 Sep 2022

Rail Freight Corridors & Timetable Redesign (TTR)

EU Regulation 913/2010 on the creation of a European rail network for competitive freight transport relies on so-called 'Rail Freight Corridors' (RFCs) to achieve transport and environmental policy goals in Europe. More than eight years after the start of the operational use of the Rail Freight Corridors, it can be seen that the market share of rail in European freight transport did not increase. Therefore, the revision of Regulation 913/2010 should be used for a far-reaching reform, which may help in strengthening the effectiveness of RFCs.

The following CER position paper sets out a number of key principles that can serve as the basis for such a reform. Find out more about the advantages and implementation of Timetable Redesign (TTR), including Digital Capacity Management (DCM), in the accompanying annex to the position paper. Both are available to download below.

In March the European Commission published a call for evidence for an Impact Assessment (IA) on cross-border rail traffic – better management and coordination, officially expressing its intention to revise the RFC Regulation. CER's response is also available to download below. 

For the CER Fact Sheet on RFCs click hereclick here.