Positions 18 Sep 2023

Orientation on Weights & Dimensions of Road Vehicles

As part of its Greening Freight Package of legislative proposals, the European Commission is suggesting to revise the Directive on Weights and Dimensions of Road Vehicles. The aim is notably to increase weight and length allowances for (so-called) “Zero Emissions Vehicles” in order to allow them to accommodate larger & heavier batteries. The proposal would also allow the cross-border circulation of certain oversized trucks between two adjacent countries, enabling them to circulate on their respective territories. However, the text overlooks the pressing need to boost intermodal transport where integration of road with greener transport modes like rail can lead to much more energy and CO2-efficient transport chains. If passed into law, the proposal will ultimately benefit road transport only. 

Therefore, CER calls on the EU co-legislators to address a number of aspects in the proposal to help not hinder road-rail interoperability, and deliberate on the Weights & Dimensions Directive in combintation with and at the same time as they consider the (upcoming) revision proposal of the Combined Transport Transport Directive. 

Read more in our full orientation paper below.