Positions 28 Nov 2012

Moving towards sustainable mobility - A strategy for 2030 and beyond for the European railway sector

Rail can play a key role to reduce the environmental impact of transport. By offering efficient transport with low environmental impacts, rail can help create a more sustainable approach to transport. Modal shift to rail from higher-emitting modes, in particular aviation and road freight, can further increase these advantages, and produce the biggest benefit for society and the environment.

The European rail sector already has an environmental record to be proud of. For example, total CO2 emissions from the railway sector in 2007 were 38% less than in 1990. However, the railways recognise that they have to continue to improve in order to continue playing a significant role in meeting future transport needs.

Moving towards Sustainable Mobility concentrates on what the rail sector itself can do to improve its environmental strengths. It was developed by CER and UIC to provide a medium and long-term plan for the rail sector that fits in with wider environmental and political policy objectives.

By establishing its own voluntary strategy, the rail sector is showing that it is a responsible and forward thinking low-carbon mode of transport, whose role should be enhanced as part of the wider move to decarbonise transport. Through the creation of this strategy, the railways are showing the path towards an even cleaner, greener rail sector for 2030 and beyond.