Positions 28 Jul 2022

Joint position - Vehicle authorisation Conformity to type (CTT)

This CER, AERRL, UIP position and problem statement provides a return of experience from the application of the 4th Railway Package’s Technical Pillar by the railway operating community. Concerning vehicle authorisation, the 4th Railway Package brought a couple of profound changes for the European railway sector. Whereas the sector regards most of the changes as improvements and appreciates in particular the centralised role of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) as authorising (& certifying) entity, the current EU provisions of the conformity to type authorisation especially in case of already authorised and operating vehicles is seen as a blocking point to boost interoperability, the renewal & modernisation of the railway rolling stock fleets and the accelerated deployment of ERTMS – in particular retrofitting ETCS onboard and radio based communication.