Positions 06 Feb 2017

European Electronic Communications Code (Recast)

Digitalisation is one of the top priorities for the rail sector. Connectivity is therefore seen as a foundation allowing the full realisation of the European Single Digital Market and the digitalisation of railways. Reliable and better connectivity will namely provide safe, efficient and attractive railways both for customers and staff.

With this position paper, CER would like to support the main objectives of the Commission’s Communication ‘Connectivity for a Competitive Digital Single Market - Towards a European Gigabit Society’ (COM(2016) 587 final) aimed at delivering high-performance internet connectivity for the Digital Single Market and in particular for digitalised railways.

Careful attention is paid to the proposal for a ‘Directive establishing the European Electronic Communications Code (Recast)’ (COM(2016) 590 final/2). The paper also highlights the special requirements of rail services, which need to be ensured for the purpose of guaranteeing safe and efficient operations by enabling coexistence of the railway radio application in particular with public telecommunications application.