Positions 30 Oct 2014

ETCS-related track access charges

Article 32 (4) of Directive 2012/34/EU (Recast Directive) foresees the introduction of a differentiation of track access charges in order to give incentives to equip trains with the European Train Control System (ETCS). This provision calls for an implementing measure from the European Commission following an Impact Assessment. CER believes that negative impacts on inter- and intra-modal competition must be avoided, and that an efficient and coordinated deployment of ETCS on track and on board the train is essential. In that context, the Impact Assessment that the European Commission will prepare should play an important role in identifying the best options. To the extent that differentiation of track access charges to incentivise ETCS adoption would apply, CER stresses the need to ensure that such differentiation would be as cost-effective, as predictable, and as transparent as possible. Furthermore CER believes that the European Union should play an active role as the benefits of accelerating ERTMS deployment in the corridors can’t always be found at individual national level whereas the emergence of the single railway area is really a case for EU funding