Positions 20 Sep 2021

CER Position - Boosting ERTMS deployment

The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) system offers the necessary conditions for uninterrupted, safe, efficient and fast railway services with significant investments needed for its broad deployment. ERTMS is the enabler for further digitisation of the railways, bringing better and new business opportunities. CER believes that ERTMS deployment shall be boosted and to this purpose a future strong and centralised EU Level ERTMS governance is needed, governing funding, National Implementation Plans (NIP) planning, resourcing, market uptake, migration and transition. CER considers an accelerated ERTMS rollout as vital for the modal shift envisaged in the Green Deal, under the precondition of having suitable funding and financing options in place. CER strongly believes in the need for an industrialisation of ERTMS to tackle the existing bottlenecks with ERTMS deployment. 

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