Positions 22 Feb 2019

CER Policy Agenda 2019-2024

Railways are the backbone of European mobility and the European transport system.

Railways play a vital role for society: over the last decade, rail saw a renaissance in Europe and beyond. More than ever, rail contributes to developing the economy and sustainable mobility, and at the same time to protecting the environment and territorial cohesion. Rail is an essential part of the solution to some of the most pressing challenges of our times, which need to be addressed in the next EU policy term.

Railways invest: to meet the needs of passengers and shippers, railways invest in enhancing both the services they offer and the infrastructure that connects the different parts of Europe with each other and with the world.

Railways innovate: they are increasingly digitalised, invest in research and development and contribute to the development of start-ups specialized in new mobility services. They are increasingly energy-efficient and on the path to provide zero emissions transport solutions.

Railways are customer-oriented: they are contributing to door-to-door mobility solutions to passengers and tailor-made transport services to shippers.

Railways are on the move: more than ever, rail delivers and will continue doing so.

The CER Policy Agenda 2019-2024 outlines the railways' vision for the future of European mobility. Read it in full in the document 'Ever better railways for an ever closer Union' or see our summary brochure 'Customers and society first' on the vision and its key enablers, both available to download below.