Facts & figures 17 Jul 2023

Train Drivers Directive - A new European framework

A sound certification scheme and a comprehensive approach to communication in and around the railway system is of the utmost importance for the revision of the Train Drivers Drivers Directive (TDD). CER and fellow rail social partner ETF (European Transport Workers' Federation) adopted a joint recommendation in March 2023 for the revision of the Directive calling on European institutions to adopt safe, feasible, and proportionate requirements.

While fully supporting harmonisation at European level, where feasible and appropriate, the social partners nonetheless emphasise the need for acknowledging the different levels at play in the cerfication process of train drivers (European level, driver operation area and company level). They therefore recommend developing a digitalised train driver certification system with a differentiated approach recognising all three levels. Additionally, the social partners stress that safe train operation on a country's network can only work if communication between drivers and traffic controllers, emergency services, as well as other railway staff, works flawlessly, particularly in disrupted/emergency situations.

Download the CER Fact Sheet below for a better understanding of these aspects based on the daily work, operations, and business experience of railways.