Press event: Smart and Affordable High-Speed Services in the European Union

Monday, 23 Jan 2023  10:00

This joint press event organised by Europe's Rail JU in collaboration with CER, ALLRAIL and UNIFE explores the main findings from a new study on ‘Smart and Affordable High-Speed Services in the European Union’. Led by the four organisations, the study was launched via a Memorandum of Understanding during the Connecting Europe Days in June 2022.

During the online event, members of the press can learn about the benefits underpinning the establishment of a European High-Speed Rail (HSR) Network connecting the main European cities and regions, combining investments in constructing creating/upgrading new HSR lines and upgrading the digitalisation and automation of existing ones. The report confirms that investing in a comprehensive European HSR network will deliver added value to European society and massively reduce the environmental footprint of European passenger transport. The report proposes a master plan for a HSR network connecting all EU capitals and major cities.

The event will take place on 23 January at 11:00 CET, online.

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