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Agreement on Journey Continuation (AJC)

The AJC is a multilateral agreement between European railway undertakings on a good-will basis. It was established to enhance passengers’ travel experience by complementing the existing law. The agreement was initiated by the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT)* and the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and its members. It is governed by the CIT.


Objective of the AJC

The main objective of the AJC is to support passengers in reaching their final destination in case a train is delayed or cancelled, and they therefore miss one of their booked connecting trains.

Passengers holding different tickets for separate transport contracts making an international journey should have no extra cost if they miss their connection due to a delay or cancellation.

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Scope of the AJC

The AJC covers cases where the current European or international legislation does not help the passengers, for example if they bought several different tickets for their journey, even from different sales channels/ticket providers. As long as the passenger had planned enough connecting time to change trains (called “reasonable connecting time”), the AJC will apply.

Without the AJC, passengers would need to buy new tickets in case they missed their connection.

As the AJC is a commercial gesture, it is a self-binding offer from railway undertakings, which sets it apart from the rights you can claim for example under the EU Passenger Rights Regulation (for further information see here).

Where is the AJC applicable?
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List of participating railway undertakings


How does it work in practice?

If passengers miss their connection on an international journey, they should receive a Delay/Cancellation Confirmation. The original ticket(s) together with this confirmation are to be presented to the staff of the railway undertaking whose train service was missed. Please note that the form of the Delay/Cancellation Confirmation varies and that in some cases other appropriate means (such as a new ticket or/and a new reservation) may be issued and entitle the passenger to continue the journey. This will enable passengers to continue their journey at no extra cost on one of the next available trains of the railway undertaking whose service they missed and for which they held a ticket.



The AJC allows the passenger to continue their journey by train. The AJC does not reimburse any costs for hotels, taxis, payments for the ticket or compensations, nor does it foresee that railway undertakings will offer any meals or refreshments.Please note that some participating railway undertakings set specific conditions for continuing the journey. The railway staff will inform you directly about these conditions.  

More info

Further information on the AJC can be found in this AJC leaflet by CIT.


* About CIT

The International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) is an association of over 200 railway undertakings and shipping companies that operate international passenger and/or freight transport services. The aim of the CIT is to ensure practically oriented implementation of the railway law in force at undertaking level - such as the CIV Uniform Rules and the PRR in the passenger sphere.  In addition, it strives the standardisation of the corresponding contractual relations and represents its members' interests vis-à-vis authorities and other associations. Further information on the CIT can be found here.