Essay series 28 Nov 2023

Essay 7 - The future of railway service design: a switch to co-design and empathy with customers

By Marc Wengler, CEO of CFL, and Professors Carine Lallemand and Luce Drouet of University of Luxembourg

For the shift from individual to public transport to succeed, traveller adoption and retention play a vital role. Customers nowadays are attracted and supported in their loyalty by personalised experiences that cater not only to their pragmatic needs (comfort, utility) but also create a sustained emotional attachment. In Luxembourg, rail operator CFL leads the way in designing railway services with, and for, passengers through the use of participatory design methods. To share the valuable insight gained through recent studies, CFL CEO Marc Wengler has partnered with two leading academics, Professor Carine Lallemand (University of Luxembourg & Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology) and Luce Drouet (University of Luxembourg), to co-author a new CER Essay.

Download below the full essay.