Agreements & resolutions 14 Mar 2013

Promoting security and the feeling of security vis-à-vis third-party violence in the European rail sector - A good practice guide

Security today is perceived as an issue that affects not only European governments but also social partners. This is one of the fundamental pillars of society and the basis of freedom and equality for the full development of each individual. In this sense, security is not only a legal, regulatory or political value, but also social, because it is the foundation of the common good of society, the basis which enables the fair and equal development to all those who belong to it.

This is why the European social partners of the rail sector developed a joint project on Insecurity and the feeling of insecurity in rail passenger transport in order to prevent, manage and reduce insecurity caused by third-party violence. Their aim was to improve the personal security of workers and with it, the one of passengers. Therefore at European level, besides promoting the exchange of information and experiences, the social partners tried to mobilize all social forces and public transport companies to prevent the major European cities from becoming a breeding ground for crime, through the adoption of instruments which allow a clear identification of the nature of the problem and seek solutions for improving the feeling of security of employees and passengers, the people most exposed to the risk of aggression and violence.

As conclusion of the joint CER-ETF project, a Good Practices Guide was published by the social partners. With the presentation of examples of various experiences of CER members, they promote the adoption of preventive measures that make response to acts of violence committed on railway staff and passengers in order to reduce the widespread feeling of insecurity in the public transport sector with a shared common approach.