Agreements & resolutions 29 Mar 2023

Karima Delli and the rail freight sector reaffirm and underline the need to accelerate modal shift

Following a first joint declaration issued in May 2020, Karima Delli, the Chairwoman of the ‘Transport and Tourism’ committee of the European Parliament, together with the Executive Director of the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) Josef Doppelbauer, and CEOs of European rail freight transport companies have reaffirmed the need for supporting rail freight across the European Union.

Given that rail freight is the most energy-efficient and cleanest mode when it comes to transport of goods, supporting modal shift across the EU should be a matter of top priority.

In this joint declaration, the signatories - including CER - call on the Commission and the Member States to address a series of priority issues, in the main presented in the May 2020 joint declaration and becoming increasingly  urgent against a backdrop of energy scarcity and a needed transition to end fossil fuels.

Read more in the full declaration below about the 7 areas identified for action.