Agreements & resolutions 23 Feb 2022

European Railways’ Pledge for More Attractive, Sustainable, Inclusive and Innovative Mobility

With France presiding over the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2022, CER member SNCF has brought together some thirty European railway companies around a joint pledge for more attractive, more sustainable, more inclusive and more innovative mobility. The objective of this action is to mobilise European rail players and European and national public authorities around a common goal of increasing the modal share of rail. Achieving this goal will make it possible to combat climate change by limiting emissions from transport.

In the pledge, more than 30 European railway operators and infrastructure managers present commitments on four issues: attractiveness, sustainable development, inclusiveness and innovation. These aim to demonstrate that European rail players are fully committed to these issues and wish to do more in the years to come for their customers, for the planet, for their employees. The pledge then calls on the European Union and its Member States to support the development of rail via concrete measures, in particular the setting of modal shift objectives or massive investments in the network to enable this modal shift.

You can read more about it here and download the pledge below.