Agreements & resolutions 02 Dec 2015

CER-ETF Rail Freight Declaration

The joint Rail Freight Declaration signed by CER and ETF on 4 December 2015 presents proposals for measures to be adopted as part of a 'fairness and growth plan for rail freight in Europe'.

Despite the modal shift goals set out in both the 2001 and 2011 Transport White Papers, rail freight is still suffering from chronic underinvestment in infrastructure and unfavourable competitive conditions with other transport modes. As a consequence, employment in the sector has been negatively affected by this critical situation in several EU member states.

The 'fairness and growth plan' proposed by the social partners includes actions that aim to ensure reliable long-term funding of rail infrastructure, the better inclusion of rail freight in logistics chains, and the achievement of fair competitive conditions and a fair social level playing field between the different transport modes.