Agreements & resolutions 12 Mar 2014

CER-ETF Joint Recommendations - Identify and prevent psycho-social risks in the railway sector

The European Social partners in the railway sector CER and the European Transport workers Federation (ETF) share the opinion that a healthy work environment taking both physical and mental aspects into account is important for ensuring good quality of work and thus high-quality services. Well-being at work is a condition for both productivity and service quality.

Having this in mind, awareness is raising also in our sector about the potential dangerous and damaging effects of unidentified and not tackled psychosocial risks (PSR) in the working environment. It can be damaging for the safety and health of the workers concerned, it can be damaging for a motivating and supportive work environment and it can produce high and often hidden costs for the companies. Psychosocial risks include work related stress, company internal harassment and violence as well as violence and aggressions against workers by third parties, customers and passengers.

In 2012, CER and ETF decided to carry out a joint project in order to find concrete solutions that are beneficial for both railway companies and railway workers. From a company perspective, reducing PSR means reducing the costs linked to psychosocial risks and increase productivity. For the workers, reducing psychosocial risks means improving the quality of working life and helping to prevent serious health problems. In addition to the "Guide for preventing psycho-social risks in the railway sector", they also signed Joint Recommendations “Identify and prevent psycho-social risks in the railway sector” which can be downloaded here below.