CER policy recommendations for the 2014-2019 political mandate

CER policy recommendations for the 2014-2019 political mandate

This section contains CER’s key documents relating to its sector vision and recommended policy priorities for EU institutions for the 2014-2019 mandate. 

Our vision is for a European rail sector that is:

  • A competitive and viable first-choice transport mode in terms of price and service quality for both passengers and freight customers
  • The backbone of a seamless and integrated transport system – in close cooperation with the other transport modes 
  • An enabling factor for the competitiveness of the European economy, supporting economic growth and job creation, and contributing to an inclusive society
  • Central to the delivery of Europe’s goals of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, achieving energy security, and relieving congestion 

Our plea to policy-makers is to ensure that:

  • The legislative framework for the railway sector is stabilised – allowing the emergence of an effective and reliable regulatory environment that encourages new investment
  • Rail infrastructure funding is solid, sufficient, and predictable; and EU policies focus on facilitating business development and innovation  – leaving companies in charge of choosing the best way to implement, and cities, regions, and Member States in the driving seat of public transport policy
  • A level playing field is created between transport modes – while supporting new infrastructure connections and new complementarities between the modes 



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