Foster Rail - Strategic Rail Research and Innovation Agenda

Foster Rail - Strategic Rail Research and Innovation Agenda

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

In support of European Union (EU) action to provide sustainable solutions to the current economic problems,the European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC)believes that research and innovation will enable the European rail sector to retain its leadership and increase its competitiveness.

Rail is now a knowledge-intensive and internationally competitive sector, striving to create an optimal ecosystem for innovation. It pulls together (from across the continent) excellent research institutions and a well-performing manufacturing industry, with a strong and increasing dedication to research, development and innovation (R&D&I).

This new Strategic Rail Research and Innovation Agenda (SRRIA) is well placed to guide and inspire future research and innovation over the coming decades.The European Commission’s framework programme for research and innovation “HORIZON 2020”, launched in December 2013, includes a flagship initiative for railresearch, the SHIFT²RAIL Joint Undertaking. It is the firstPublic Private Partnership (PPP) in rail research to seekfocused research, innovation and market driven solutionsby accelerating the integration of new and advanced technologies into innovative rail product and services,thus responding to the current mobility challenges.

Through this SRRIA, ERRAC reaffirms Europe’s needto offer a well-balanced, business-led and strongprogramme of research and innovation for the railwaysystem over the next decades.